Monday, April 16, 2012

How to pay back schools? Depends on how you ask

Two area lawmakers launched surveys recently about the repayment of school funding that was delayed to help an immediate problem with the state budget.
If you look closely, you can see the results depend largely on how the question was asked ...and who did the asking.
GOP Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen's results? "A 62-percent majority says our first priority should be to repay shifted K-12 education funds.
Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) indicate the best way to begin repaying delayed K-12 education funding is to reduce spending in order to grow the surplus."
DFL Sen. Kathy Sheran's results? Of the respondents to her survey, 51% said "The state should use a phased-in approach that would pay back the shift over the course of four or five years." While 33% said "Follow state law and pay back the shift as soon as the state has enough funds in reserve, which could take 5-10 years." And 5% said "Never pay the shift back. It’s the price schools had to pay to fix the 2011 budget deficit."

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