Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Post surgery and the infamous pain day

Midnight is here. Time for a pain pill (Percocet) and a much needed sleeping pill. Despite bringing earplugs to block hospital noise, I was only able to catch cat naps from 9 am on.
My next scheduled check-in came thankfully a little at 420 am. That gave me a good four-hour sleep from which I was awakened for another pain pill; stripping off the big bandage, and disconnecting tubes including the drainage from the wound site. Getting more freedom today to really push therapy which everyone is telling me will be tough, rough and worth it.
During my 8 am med routine something new was introduced. I get to shoot myself up - an anticoagulant called Lovenox. Even though I was a child of the '60s, I've never injected anything in my body so I was not sure about this one. Then I thought about my son, Michael who recently discovered he has Type One diabetes. Even though he had a strong almost panic aversion to needles, he does this all time. So it looks I'll be the block off the old chip. I did it today with no problems and will continue to do this every day for a week and a half.
After dressing in street clothes and eating a healthy breakfast we traveled slowly with my walker, Colleen following behind with my recliner to morning therapy session. Most all therapy will be done in this chair the comfort of which belied what I was going to experience.
I was joined by four others, two of whom had knee replacements. The therapy was not for strength but rather to gain confidence and range of motion. It proved to be easier on some while others weren't as comfortable with the pain.
An aside for the moment about Mayo Health Clinic System personnel. I've been in my fair share of hospitals in my life so this observation is qualitative in nature. Not only are personnel here helpful but very friendly, familial friendly as though I'd always been here. Very open, communicating all things you should need to know and even a welcoming "town square" conversation even about family life. They all end their discussions with something you rarely hear in a hospital "Is there anything else I can get you? They have that "improve the patient experience" down pat.
11am and I've earned my "green feet" designation meaning I can travel the halls unaided except for the mandatory walker. If I'm caught walking without the walker, I'm back to red feet and have to sit in the corner with no TV for two hours.
The afternoon therapy session is just a repeat of the morning so it already seemed like a routine.
Tomorrow - barring any surprises - the highlight will be taking a shower. And hopefully learn what time on Friday I can go home. Who knows? Maybe a Dino's Pizza is calling my name by then.
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